Sublime Text 2 New Window (via AppleScript)

Building upon my older post on opening new window in Text Mate 2, I now threw together small script to do the same in Sublime Text 2.

While Sublime Text 2 is superb text editor, it is not Mac native, thus it’s even less probable that a new Mac-style Dock icon menu will appear in near future, that allows opening new window quickly. Thus a helper application is in order.


Based on the original TMNewWindow code, only small modifications were needed. One unexpected behavior was with detecting working state of the application. For whatever reason the original script gave errors when run against Sublime Text 2.

Again, the AppleScript application is linked below and feel free to send me updates and patches if needed.



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  1. Hey thanks for this and the textmate script. Quick question about the sublime text 2 icon you used…

    I have found the replacement icon that is just black with the outline but not the one you have pictured here with the white ‘ + ‘ in the middle.

    If you don’t mind sharing could you let me know where you found it? Thanks!

  2. Hey,
    I built the icon myself using the blank outline you mentioned as a basis. I acknowledge that I have not requested explicit permission from Sublime Text 2 authors, but I hope they don’t mind because it is a free helper add-on to the editor.

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