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My previous post about creating custom Estonian layout using Ukelele has gone seriously outdated. Nowadays customising layouts is a lot simpler, as is sharing your custom layouts. My new customised EstonianDev layout has the following modifications compared to stock layout: Option+ä will result in ^ (caret symbol) Key next to Backspace is now correctly producing   acute […]

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How to use GIT to merge two SVN branches TL;DR: Download the git-merge-svn script here I’ve been using git for years now but had to start using SVN for some projects. I found that GIT is good enough Subversion client too, especially as I retain the ability to commit often and rebase my work on […]

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Some time ago Apple game out with the AirPlay feature (an upgraded AirTunes) which enables iOS devices and iTunes play music and videos on a remote device.   In our office we have a Linux box, a set of speakers and a few laptops sporting Mac and Windows. Tonight I set out with a goal to […]

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Today Wikipedia has a blackout. This is because US is passing a law that can threaten open Internet. Please read all about the SOPA blackout in the Wikipedia article. I have signed a petition against SOPA and I am fully concerned about what this could mean to Internet. Wikipedia is main source of information for me […]

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Use open-source GIMP to remove unwanted objects from your photos.

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Today I ran into a trouble when I had filled my ZFS filesystem and tried to free up some space:

The same error was given for all kinds of rm options, recursive, force, etc. Digging around, pointed me to this post and that B solution was excellent:

Though this only freed up 344 […]

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I was annoyed that Vim moved all comments to the beginning of the line the moment I entered # sign. Searching around first turned me to smartindent, but I found that was already off. Then this vimtip shed the light on the monster: just add to your .vimrc:

And you are good to […]

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I noticed that all of a sudden my Google Chrome (Mac OS X version) has a ~ 10s delay between displaying a web page and making the links clickable. At first I suspected my password manager extension that it scans through the page for possible forms to fill, or some other extension. So I went […]

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Currently Google image search paints pretty pathetic picture of Estonia. So this is my response to patriotic request for SEO of Estonia at Okia blog. I thought my tech blog serves as the right place for search engine optimization.

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Today after using the external ViewSonic VX2025wm display with another computer and replugging it to my MacBook, suddenly it did not get recognized. Just as described here the internal display goes blue for a sec and then returns to desktop just by itself.

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