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The case study: Rivals I decided to give away current version Rivals for free, until next major feature update. A day later when checking on the sales numbers, my jaw dropped to the floor. The number of downloaders had jumped up a 10 000%. Yes, you read that right – more than a 100 times up:

veebr. 2nd, 2010 | Filed under iPhone

Today I got my rejected from AppStore because it used private API calls. Fortunately nowadays Apple lists the calls in the reject message to make it easier to remove them. I was unfortunate to be using: addTextFieldWithValue:label: textFieldAtIndex: For anybody wondering about their app prior to submitting to AppStore here is a collection of […]

dets. 12th, 2009 | Filed under iPhone, Programming

Below is a presentation by PinchMedia that analyzes ad-supported free apps compared to paid apps. The main summarizing thoughts: • Average app needs CPM > $8 to beat $0.99 app revenue • Only give app away free if something in it screams “FREE” • For paid app, release ad-supported free companion only when actual collected […]

sept. 25th, 2009 | Filed under iPhone, Programming