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How to use GIT to merge two SVN branches TL;DR: Download the git-merge-svn script here I’ve been using git for years now but had to start using SVN for some projects. I found that GIT is good enough Subversion client too, especially as I retain the ability to commit often and rebase my work on […]

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Setting up solid Ruby on Rails developer box based on Windows can be tedious task. More so than on other platforms, because vanilla Windows is meant for end user and lacks proper development tools that exist on other platforms. But fear not, there are many good people out there that have jumped through multitude of […]

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I have searched several times how to produce graph tree in terminal similar to Gitk or other GUI visualizers. Compiling the knowledge in this StackOverflow question together, I came up with the following command:

UPDATE: I added author name to the end of line in bold so that you can blame people quicker. UPDATE […]

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Or how to reset a merge commit? If just after a merge commit you recognized that it was actually “git rebase” that you wanted to do, then your friend is: git reset –merge 14c1d90c3e where the target commit is the one preceding the merge. But when reset is not an option? But if you found […]

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